• U.S. Federal Judge Victor Marrero ruled that emojis like the rocket, money bag and stock chart can be evidence of financial advice regarding NFTs or crypto investments.
• Former SEC branch head Lisa Braganca warned Crypto Twitter to stop using these emojis to discuss financial investments on social media.
• Crypto Twitter users were shocked by this ruling, as many interpreted the emojis differently than their intended financial significance.

Emojis Ruled Financial Advice by U.S. Federal Judge

Yesterday, a U.S. Federal Judge declared that NBA Top Shot NFTs are securities and that certain emojis can be used as evidence for providing financial advice regarding cryptocurrency investments. The judge was Victor Marrero, who denied Dapper Labs‘ motion to terminate the case filed two years ago by Jeeun Friel, a dissatisfied buyer of one of the Top Shot Moments.

Former SEC Branch Chief Warns Crypto Twitter

In response to this ruling, former United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) branch head Lisa Braganca took to Twitter to advise crypto enthusiasts not to use the rocket emoji, money bags or stock chart emojis when referring to NFTs or cryptocurrency investments on social media platforms.

Crypto Twitter Reacts in Shock

Naturally, the news was met with confusion from crypto traders on Twitter who called it a „tragedy“ indicating that from now on „Freedom of speech does not extend to your emojis“. AshChild – a digital artist and crypto investor – explained that for him a sequence of rocket, stocks and money bag emojis had totally different meanings than those intended by Judge Marrero’s ruling; such as depicting a missile hitting an otherwise sound crypto portfolio which is then put in a trash bag instead of making a profit from it.

Conclusion: Emoji Interpretations Can Be Freely Different

The audacious ruling by U.S. Federal Judge Victor Marrero demonstrates how individual interpretations of certain symbols can differ greatly between people depending on their feelings and world outlook towards them – even if they have been assigned definite meanings in legal terms according to federal law enforcement officers like himself or former SEC branch heads like Lisa Braganca..

Advice for Crypto Enthusiasts Going Forward

From now onwards it would be prudent for all budding crypto investors who wish to discuss financial investments on social media platforms not only take into account the words they use but also consider how their chosen symbols may be interpreted by others before posting online about their projects or investments..

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